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We have E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, App Development and Software Solutions.

We also have Networking Engineers and Consultants for your Network Infrastructure and Security Solutions.  

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Our services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing and advertising of your business, person, product, or service using online social media channels, electronic devices, and other digital technologies. We market your service and products with social media, email, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

Branding & Logo

Logo Design, Identity Design, Basic branding Identity designs and complete Corporate Identity Development of your existing or new brand.

Network Infrastruture

We design and install Wireless and cable networks for offices, buildings, hotels, factories and hospitals.

security Solutions

CCTV (Security Camera), Alarm System, Time Attendance Machine, Electric Fence, Door Lock

Fire and Security

Fire Alarm, Security technology hardware, CCTV Camera installation.

Website Development

Website development is the creation of dynamic web applications. We develop basic to e-commerce sites and provide domain name registration and hosting service too.

We support you all the way to making changes to your website content. 

App development

We develop and host your custom Android, IOS or Windows application or web based application in a short period of time.

Software development

If you need a shelf software or custom system development, we are here for you.

IT Support and Consulting

We provide reliable preventive Maintenance of your office Network, softwares and consultancy.

ERP Development

We implement ERP to organizations that require Finance, Logistics, Human Resource, Sales, Management, etc in a single platform.

Our Procedure


Find out what you are looking for. Gather information, take data and complete requirement.


Design and plan the solution and present to you. Take comments and design again.


We take confirmation from you about the project, before actual implementation.


Start the actual work and complete, training and documentation.

Featured Work

Website Design and Digital Marketing

Harot Furniture website Design and Digital Marketing

A responsive, Interactive website design, web hosting service, including photography, video shooting, social media advertising and continusous support of online sales and digital marketing.

Harot Furniture Website
Yuluchelyano website

Fully Dynamic and Responsive Web Design, digital marketing and Photography

Ye’Arsema Tibeb E-Commerce

Fully Dynamic Corporate company website, designed for Yuluchelyano Trading PLC, including social media and digital marketing and Brand Design support. We also helped in the corporate photography, company profile building and continuous work of digital advertisement.

Network Infrastructure

Emirates Airlines, Ethiopia

Network Installation design, cabling, Rack Mounting, implementing, testing and two years IT Support to Emirates Airlines.

The project was in three locations: Dembel Building Management office and Ticket offices (three floors), Airport office and Cargo Office.


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About Hexagon

We have been in business for 15 Years

Hexagon, the reliable company, known for its humble, supportive and trusworthy tech engineers, started with website development and IT Support services in 2009. Since then Hexagon developed various websites to companies in Ethiopia and overseas, designed and installed Networks and Security Cameras and other technologies to private and government sectors. Hexagon also developed various softwares.

  • Web Development
  • Digital & Social Marketing
  • Security & Networking
Hexagon Team

Years of Experience

Website and Software Projects

Network and Security Projects

Website and Digital Marketing

  • Designing website
  • Reliable Web Hosting Service
  • Logo and Identity Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Continuous Support

Software and Application

  • Web based and Desktop Software Development
  • Android Application Development
  • IOS App Development
  • Windows App Development

Network and Security

  • Wireless Network 
  • Cable Network Infrastructure
  • Telephone and TV Networking
  • Data Center
  • Security Camera (CCTV)
  • Fire and Alarm
  • Security Door
  • Intercom
  • Electric Installation
The Future Of Learning & Technology

The Future Of Learning & Technology

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Pervasive Computing

Pervasive Computing

All of the items in our surroundings may interact with one another, automate repetitive operations, and require little to no human effort to perform tasks and obey machine instructions thanks to pervasive computing, also known as ubiquitous computing. The term...

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Future Trends in Cloud Computing

Future Trends in Cloud Computing

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How Social Media Addiction Affects Teenagers

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Recommendations for password policies

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Smart Home Technology – An Overview

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Augmented reality’s potential future

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Machine Learning and it’s Purpose

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning

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The concept, design, construction, and use of robots are all part of the engineering discipline known as robotics. The goal of the robotics industry is to develop intelligent devices that can help people in a variety of ways. Numerous configurations of robotics are...

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Using a computer-generated design, 3D printing, sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing, is a technique for building three-dimensional objects layer by layer. A 3D item is produced by the additive method of 3D printing, which involves building up layers of...

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Virtual Private Network is known by the acronym VPN. While you are browsing the internet, a VPN is running in the background to keep you safe and guard your privacy. When you use public Wi-Fi, at work, or at home, it's like having a digital bodyguard who is always on...

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Our Team

Team Leader and Manager
Ephrem Tewelde

Project Manager

Network Engineer
Besrat Bayisa

Network Designer

Software Engineer
Messele Assefa

Senior Software Engineer

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