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Address 1: Summit Safari, Mana Building, 4th Floor, #405, P.O. Box: 15444, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Address 2: Hayahulet Mazoria, MAF Building, 4th Floor, #402

Address 3: Town Square Mall, 3rd Floor, #316, Hayahulet Mazoria, acroos from Gollagul Tower

Frequently Asked Question

How does Social Media Marketing Work?

If you have the social media you would like us to work on, we will have to be assigned admin position and we will work on designing and posting images, ads, articles and promote your social media on paid advertisement.

What is required for networking my office?

We need to visit your office and do measurements. We can then give you wireless and cable networking options with its advantage, disadvantage and price details.

Does Hexagon provide Maintenance Service?

At Hexagon, we believe a preventive Maintenance is the best method to benefit both our clients and our team. With preventive maintenance, we visit offices on schedule and be a reliable support. We do not provide hardware maintenance service at the moment.

what do I need for a Basic website?

For basic website, all you need is information about what you do and contact details such as: Address and phone number. We can start from that and develop the content for you.

Can I have only one camera Installed?

Yes, you can. There is a single camera, with remote view option that can be installed. A camera with DVR or NVR recording is recommended by us though, as it keeps past records and you can take a look at any specific date and time of the camera record from your office or remotely on your mobile.

How much does it cost to build a website?

A website can cost from 7,999 Birr to hundreds of thousands, depending on its features, tools we use and time it takes to develop. A requirement is necessary to provide cost estimation.

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