Product Description

Preventive maintenance helps a company to run its organization more efficiently, without work stoppages due to sudden failures of office machines and computers. Our preventive maintenance minimizes the possibility of failure of your machines and computers. Hexagon performs frequent, scheduled service to your machines, backing up your valuable data, checking for computer viruses and worms, and installing software updates to prevent the sudden failure of your computers and peripherals.


  • Payment is prepaid (minimum of 2,000 Birr)
  • Payment is valid for six months, can be increased if prepaid is more than 2000 Br.
  • Visits will be fixed weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly or quarterly
  • Services are delivered on site
  • Services can be provided remotely
  • A total of 5 visits are allowed (with 3 hours maximum per visit)
  • Extra hours will cost 100 Birr per hour



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