Br2,000.00 Br1,900.00


Product Description

Corrective Maintenance, sometimes called “crisis maintenance,” is the old fashioned, traditional way of maintaining computers and office machines. Similar to crisis management and everyone knows that should be avoided at all cost, corrective maintenance is performed after a machine or computer failure. This inevitably results in lost productivity, lost data, and the presence of viruses on your computers. More and more, however, many forward thinking companies are using preventive maintenance system such as Hexagon’s to protect themselves from terrible, sometimes catastrophic losses, and replacing the unknown, possibly extreme cost of sudden repairs with the more manageable cost of preventive maintenance programs. For cost effective maintenance and peace of mind, preventive maintenance is the right choice for today’s businesses.

Corrective Maintenance is similar to Preventive, except it is required only when problem occurs.


  • Non refundable minimum 2000 Birr is paid against VAT Receipt
  • Calls are made when problem occurs
  • A maximum of 5 calls are allowed
  • A single call will be a service of 3 hours maximum at your office
  • Extra hour will cost 100 Br per hour
  • payment is valid for 12 months and will expire if unused


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